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Refresh Your Decor This Summer With These Swappable Accents!

You know how you swap out certain clothing items at the start of every season? Why not do the same for decor? Updating your decor can be as simple as replacing a few items here and there. It’s an easy and affordable way to refresh your space every season.

If you’re ready to add summer vibes to your decor this season then stick around! I’ve rounded up some swappable decor accents for you to try. There’s something for every style and every budget!

Summer Decor Accents You Can Easily Swap In!

Summer Neutrals

If your current decor is more on the neutral side, but craving a little color, try adding some subtle feminine hues like a pretty blush or rosy neutrals. Neutral accents are always popular because they complement any decor without disrupting the overall color scheme.

Summer Decor accents rosy neutrals
  1. Tuft Area Rug Set | 2. Tea Light Candle Holder | 3. Modern Canvas Art | 4. Macrame Throw Pillow Case | 5. Blush & Copper Vases | 6. Meadow Wall Art Sculpture | 7. Bearsden Fringe Throw | 8. Natural Woven Basket Bowl

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Boho Neutrals

If you like the natural look but want an extra pop of color, then these accents are sure to stand out. Add some warmth to your space with these boho neutral accents.

Summer Decor Accents boho decor

1.Dining/Accent Chair | 2. Boho Wall Art Set | 3. Rattan Baskets |4. Rattan Coffee Table | 5. Sunburst Wall Mirror | 6. Hand-Woven Area Rug | 7. Boho Throw Pillow Cases

Pretty Summer Storage

Storage is essential, no matter what size home you live in. If you’re storing things in plain sight, then stylish or decorative storage is the way to go. These finds offer double-duty functionality. They’re both practical and pretty!

summer decor accents decorative summer storage

1. Utility Rolling Cart Storage Organizer | 2. Medium Natural Storage Baskets | 3.  3pc Large Cotton Rope Basket | 4. XXL Cotton Rope Basket | 5. Gold Mirror Tray Jewelry Organizer | 6. Bamboo and Jute Rope Storage Basket | 7. Stackable Home Storage Organizer Box | 8. Rolling Abaca (plant fiber) Storage Bin | 9. Large Cotton Rope Basket | 10. Nordic Decorative Storage Boxes

Summer Accent Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest decor accent to switch out. They’re great for sprucing up a drab living room or adding a little color to your bedroom decor.

  1. Harvey Woven Pillow ($34) | 2. Blue Tassel Pillow | 3. Pink Macrame Pillow | 4. Harley Hand Woven Pillow in Cream | 5. Blue & Silver Textured Throw Pillow | 6. Pink Fringe Pillow


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