Making the Most Out of Limited Space in a Small Apartment

When it comes to living spaces, bigger isn’t always better. You can make the most out of a small apartment with the proper techniques and tricks. Whether you’re living with roommates or on your own, here are seven tips for making the most out of limited space in a small apartment.

Flooring  Tricks:

A great way to make a small room appear more spacious is by adding an area rug. An area rug will create the illusion of more space and also add color to your room. If you have hardwood floors, consider painting them in a lighter shade which can help reflect light around the room.  Flooring should be an easy step like using the best commercial LVT flooring.

Utilize Wall Space:

Walls provide an opportunity to maximize vertical space in your apartment. Consider investing in wall shelves, pegboards, and racks to store everything from books and dishes to kitchen utensils and electronics. This will help keep items off the floor while creating visual interest in your home.

For example, you can install a wall-mounted drying rack in your kitchen to hang pots and pans. Try mounting floating shelves to display books or photographs in the living room.

Add Mirrors:

Adding mirrors throughout your small space will create an illusion of openness by allowing more light into the room and reflecting any existing natural light sources. This trick works best if the mirror is placed opposite a window or across from something attractive, like artwork or plants, so it doesn’t appear too clinical or sterile.

Additionally, mirrors can act as a great decoration in small apartments. Try hanging multiple smaller mirrors on the wall for an attractive feature. Or, use a large mirror to open up a room and make it seem more significant than it is.

Make Use of Natural Light:

Take advantage of natural light sources such as windows and skylights to add brightness to your home without taking up additional space or relying on artificial lighting sources like lamps or overhead lights, which can be bulky and expensive. Natural light makes a room feel larger and helps keep energy costs low!

Hang Curtains High:

Hanging curtains higher than usual (near the ceiling) can give off an illusion that your ceilings are taller than they are, which results in a more superior feeling room overall. This tip works best with lighter-colored curtains that allow more natural light through instead of thick dark ones, which may block sunlight rather than letting it shine through!

Opt for Dual-Purpose Pieces:

Dual-purpose furniture is essential when trying to make the most out of limited space in a small apartment; look for pieces such as day beds that also serve as couches during the day, foldable dining tables that can double as desks when needed, and stools that can act both as extra seating when necessary but also tuck away easily into corners when not being used, so they don’t take up too much valuable real estate!

Invest In Storage Containers:

Get creative with storage containers around your house; think outside of traditional methods like dressers & closets by using plastic bins under beds & couches; stackable baskets on shelves; vacuum-sealed bags for seasonal clothing & bedding; over-the-door organizers for shoes; etc., the possibilities are endless! Not only do these solutions help save precious square footage, but they’ll also help keep things neat & organized so you don’t have clutter piling up all over the place!


Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to be cramped and uncomfortable; with just a few simple tricks, you can make even limited spaces feel larger! From flooring tricks by using the best commercial LVT flooring to hanging curtains high and utilizing storage containers creatively, you can maximize every inch of your beloved small apartment, so it feels spacious yet cozy at once! With these seven tips for making the most out of limited space in a small apartment, you’ll be well on your way towards creating an inviting living environment no matter what size dwelling you call home!