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Blush Crush: Blush Pink, Rose Gold & Gray Living Room Mood Board

This blush pink, gray and rose gold living room decor combo is still my absolute favorite color palette for interiors. I don’t care if it’s not trending anymore, I can’t get enough! Blush Pink is probably the most ‘Adult’ shade of Pink. It’s not only pretty and incredibly feminine, but it also pairs well with other colors. Especially gray! Throw in some rose gold accessories and accents to add some GLAM to the look.

I put together this living room mood board with a blush settee and rose gold accessories, plus an alternate look using a gray sofa. I wanted to showcase how beautifully these colors blend.

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If you want to shop this look I’ve included the links to these beautiful products at the end of the post.

Blush pink, grey and rose gold living room decor
blush pink settee and rose gold coffee table

The Trim settee with its neat lines and raised legs and the spidery ‘see-through’ effect of the table is perfect for eliminating visual clutter, and for creating the illusion of more space. Perfect for small spaces. 

An Alternate Look

Grey sofa with blush pink and rose gold decor accessories

Same blush pink gray and rose gold living room decor but with a gray sofa. If the blush pink settee is just too much for you, A gray sofa looks just as great. This light gray mid-century modern tufted sofa is also perfect for small spaces. I added a blush shaggy rug to finish the look.

grey sofa and blush pink faux fur rug

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