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A Quick Guide to Arranging Furniture in A Small Living Room

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Sometimes small spaces can be a bit of a design challenge. It gets tricky when you’re not exactly sure where to place your furniture to maximize space. We spend most of our time in our living rooms and even entertain guests there, so it’s essential to make the room feel as spacious and as comfortable as possible. Arranging furniture in a small living room is easier than you think. A few smart choices go a long way.

Remember: With all things ‘small space’, Less Is Always More

A Guide To arranging furniture in a small living room.

First, choose a focal point

Your focal point can be anything you want to showcase in the room. If you’re not sure what that should be, then find the room’s natural focal point. How? Easy. Walk out of your living room and then walk back in again. What’s the first thing you see upon entering the room? What immediately catches your eye? That’s your natural focal point! Again, this is totally up to you, A focal point can be anything you want to draw attention to. In a small living room, my guess is that your TV would be the most obvious focal point but it can be architectural, like a fireplace or a window (a view), or it can be a decorative element in the room like a sofa or a large painting. Your choice!

arranging a tv in a small living room

Next, Identify Traffic Areas

This is an important step. Before you start pushing furniture around, identify a clear path for foot traffic. No one wants to go through an obstacle course to get to the sofa. The goal here is to create easy traffic flow from doorways and in and around the room. Observe your current path, and how others enter the room and maneuver around it. Carve out a pathway and let’s get to work.

Small living room layout ideas

The Layout

Now that you’ve chosen your focal point and identified your traffic areas, we can decide on the layout of your space. You want to highlight your focal point by either pointing your furniture towards it (eg. TV, Fireplace, etc) or by placing your furniture around it. This way, no matter how you change the layout over time, everyone will be able to see and admire the focal point you provided.

Here are a few ideas to start with:

Source: Homedit

Place Largest Piece First

This will usually be your sofa or a bookshelf. After deciding on a floor layout, place the largest piece in place first so that you’re not constantly pushing around heavy furniture. If you’re lazy (like me), this is a good strategy. Smaller armchairs (if you have them) can go on the opposite side of large sofas to create balance in the room.  If you’re not sure what type of sofas work for small spaces, I’ve created another post on the best sofas for small living rooms, and also a roundup of 5 Sleeper Sectional Sofas Perfect For Small Spaces.

arranging furniture in a small living room

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Let Sofas Breathe

It’s natural to want to push furniture against the wall when dealing with small rooms. But doing so will make your small room feel even smaller. So, unless your room is especially small, try to avoid doing this. A couple of inches will make all the difference. Plus, you can even place a slim sofa table or console for extra storage and shelving. Maybe add one of those cool slim console tables with the electrical outlets and USB ports. They’re pretty cheap on Amazon.

arranging furniture in a small living room

Place Coffee Tables & End Tables Wisely

Try waiting till you have decided on the seating arrangement before placing coffee tables and end tables. Remember not to block foot traffic and ensure that everyone can sit comfortably around coffee tables without having to twist their bodies or change their position. Remember to choose trim, ‘leggy’ tables to reduce visual clutter. I rounded up some affordable space-saving tables that I think you’d like.

transforming multipurpose table trends 2020 table

Multipurpose Transforming Coffee & Dining Table

To Finish Off, Choose Space-Saving Lighting

To maximize floor and surface space, try installing wall lamps or pendant lamps. There are some tricks to using lighting in small spaces, but the first order of the day is to save as much space as you can. Lighting that’s off the floor will help you do that.

Finish up by adding your favorite accessories and you’re done. Now sit back and enjoy all your hard work and heavy lifting!

Shop these space-saving floor lamps on Amazon. If you’re renting, there are lots of no-drill, plug-in wall lights & lamps too.

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arranging furniture in a small living room
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