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Where To Buy Furniture For Small Spaces? (That’s Not IKEA)

Whether you’re downsizing or moving into your first apartment, finding the right sized furniture can be difficult. Especially when you’re not sure where to look. A simple google search “where to buy furniture for small spaces” can turn dark real quick What starts off as a fun online shopping day can turn into a treacherous hunt for the right piece. We’ve all been there.

So, to help narrow down your search, I rounded up some small-space-friendly furniture stores for you to bookmark. These retailers offer a wide variety of scaled furniture for small spaces. Some have an entire section dedicated to small spaces! Most of these stores have frequent and ongoing sales, so you’re always sure to grab a good deal.

I included some Retailer Highlights for each store, which are just some interesting bits that stood out to me while browsing these sites. I was pleasantly surprised to find that some of these sites had an entire (hidden) section for small space furniture.

I love it when online retailers create a special place for small spaces!   

Okay enough chit-chat. Check these out!

Where To Buy Furniture For Small Spaces?


where to buy apartment furniture for small spaces Apt2B sideboard storage

Preston Sideboard From Apt2B

When You’re Finally Ready For ‘Grown-Up‘ Furniture. #Adulting

Apt2B was designed with small spaces in mind. You won’t have to sift through oversized options to find the right scale pieces. They’re all the right size. Apt2B furniture style can be described as youthful yet mature. If you’re ready to start #Adulting, then it’s time to invest in grown-up furniture.

So if you’re ready to ditch the futon and get a real sofa, this store has some beautiful options to help you get started. Plus, You get to customize many of their pieces. Choose your fabric, wood finish, and combination!

Pricing: QualityApartment Sofas start at around $1000




Floyd Sofa

When You Want A Sofa That Lasts Longer Than You Do. “Furniture For Keeping” – Floyd

If you hate having to throw away old and dilapidated furniture with every move, then Floyd is the solution!

Floyd‘s story began with a disdain for disposable furniture and a mission to create sustainable, lasting pieces, designed to fit the way we live now. Their ethos: “Furniture should be made for the home, not the landfill. Made with materials that last.”

It’s “furniture for Keeping”. Sounds good to me!

Floyd has a stunning portfolio of modern and modular pieces, made from beautiful birch and veneer wood. The design is sleek, trim and perfectly scaled. All the things you want when working with small spaces. Floyd’s furniture is Simple Elegance at its best!


The Sofa | The Bed | The Tables | The Shelving | Room Bundles

Pricing: Between $185 (Side Table) – $1,795 (Chaise Sofa)

Retailer Highlights

  • Modern, modular design that fits!
  • 30-Day Returns
  • 10 Year Warranty

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10 Stylish Sofas For Small Spaces.


zGallerie for small space furniture

Shop This Room Here At ZGallerie!

Glamorous, Feminine-Chic Furniture, WITHOUT The Price Tag.

A hidden gem with lots of luxe, feminine pieces at great prices. ZGallerie has a curated section for small spaces with stunning, modern furniture that fits!

Pricing: There is something for every budget at ZGallerie. Sofas typically start at around $1000. ZGallerie runs frequent Sales and Promotions so you can always find a good deal!

Highlights From ZGallerie:

Smart Furniture

where to buy modern, modular furniture for small spaces smart furniture

When Modern Furniture Is Your Thing!

Smart Furniture specializes in both residential and office furniture, with modular & modern designs. Some 180 brands can be found on their website including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Stressless, Knoll, Gus, Vitra, Blue Dot, and BDI. Smart Furniture offers free shipping on select brands.

Pricing: Storage beds start at $300

Highlights From Smart Furniture

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This Furniture Style Is Perfect For Small Spaces!

sleeper sectional sofa for small spaces

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Perfect For Small Living Rooms!

Society 6

Shop This Credenza Here.

When You’re Artsy (Or Like To Pretend That You Are…).

If you’re looking for a unique, artsy statement piece at an affordable price, this is where to start. Society 6 carries a whole host of decor and furniture items such as credenzas, end tables, bar stools, and benches, all designed by independent artists. Society 6 has something for everyone, from minimalist to maximalist design.

Pricing: Range from $119 (Side Tables) to $487 for (Credenzas)


  • Huge selection of art and design furniture pieces
  • Furniture pieces are perfectly scaled and visually lightweight
  • Beautiful Storage Credenzas & Benches for every style & personality
  • Your favorite artwork or design is available on multiple items.

How To Decorate Small Spaces?

How To Decorate Small Spaces?

The Ultimate Guide!

Urban Outfitters

where to buy minimalist Scandinavian furniture for small spaces urban outfitters

When You Realize That Simplicity Is STILL More Beautiful!

Urban Outfitters furniture can be described as trendy, effortlessly stunning and super affordable. Because furniture for small spaces should not be overcomplicated. If you love simplistic wooden furniture and rattan pieces, you’ll love UO’s new Huxley and Miko collections. They even have a section for Small Spaces.

Pricing: Beds as low as $499, Sofas as low as $399

Retailer Highlights

There you have it. A few worthy choices to consider when buying furniture for small spaces. This list is a great place to start your search and should stave off any choice overload and paralysis when shopping.

Don’t forget to bookmark your favorite stores!

I’ll continue to update this list as I discover new stores online. Until then,

Happy Shopping!


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