23 Inspiring Makeshift Closets For Small Bedrooms

Tiny bedrooms with no closet are the stuff of nightmares. It really makes you question humanity, landlords and architects. Luckily there are lots of charming and affordable options for creating a makeshift closet in small rooms. Stop stressing about what you don’t have and focus on what you can create with the small, storage-less hand you’ve been dealt (your tiny closet-less room). Plus, traditional closets are outdated anyway.

Try a chic, effortless, urban closet wall instead!

Realistically, you may have a lot more clothing than what’s displayed here. So If you do decide to create your own closet you may need to double up on the clothing racks and shoe storage as needed.

When you’re ready to create your own makeshift closet, check out these Makeshift Closet Essentials For DIY-ing Your Closet.

Now let’s get those creative juices flowing!

stylish makeshift open closet for small spaces.
trendy open closet for small bedrooms
white closet unit for open closet
instagram worthy makeshift closet
closet units from the container store.

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stylish clothing rack and wooden shelf for a makeshift closet
pretty minimalist makeshift closet
chic diy closet
simple boho makeshift closet and clothing rack
simple makeshift closet for small bedrooms
closet wall with shoe shelf
clothing rack storage DID closet

Modern Hexagon Wall Mirror with Shelves with Mirror

20 Gorgeous Mirrors With Shelves & Hooks.

Small Spaces Love Mirrors! Why not get one with extra storage?!

makeshift closet corner with clothing rack and ladder shoe shelf.
wall mounted closet unit for small bedrooms
fashion makeshift closet
makeshift closet and vanity for small bedrooms
Stylish DIY closet wall for small bedrooms
floating shelves makeshift closet for small spaces
simple makeshift closet for small bedrooms
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Ready To Create Your Own? These Closet Essentials Will Help You Get Started!


makeshift diy closet for small bedrooms
Makeshift closet ideas for small bedrooms