7 Ways to Divide A Studio Apartment

Small studio apartments often present certain design challenges. At the top of the list is the lack of room separation. While this may not be an issue for some people, for others, a one-room floor plan can often feel like living in a furniture store showroom (minus the vast space of course).

When your kitchen is your living room and your living room is your bedroom, some sort of separation is essential. Even if it’s just visual separation.

If all this sounds good to you, let’s explore some ways to divide a studio apartment.

7 Ways to Divide A Studio Apartment!

1. Create Zones With Rugs

Using multiple area rugs in an open floor plan allows you to create separate living spaces. Visually carve out a bedroom, living room, or dining space with different rugs. You can match two or more rugs or use different but complementary styles. I created another post on how to mix & match rugs in an open floor plan.

use rugs to separate a studio apartment

Rugs are a great way to divide a studio apartment without the need for physical, space-wasting barriers. They help to separate spaces while maintaining the visual flow throughout the room.

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2. Divide & Color!

Color-Zoning is a fun and easy way to visually separate any space. This technique creates division without the need for more furniture like room dividers or other bulky barriers. With the use of paint or walllpaper you can create separate ‘rooms’ (or zones) in any space. Carve out an office space, a sleeping or dining space in your studio with this technique. I talk more about Color Zoning in This Post!

divide a studio apartment with color-zoning

3. Bring In A Bookshelf

In any small apartment, the constant goal is to maximize that space. Multifunctional solutions are key to achieving that goal. If you can get more than one uses from a piece of furniture or decor item, it’s practically gold!.

Large bookshelves are a popular way to separate an open floor plan. They succeed in dividing living areas and adding valuable storage space. Go for a tall to create the illusion of height in the room and for extra storage. It doesn’t need to be excessively wide. If you’re on a budget, smaller (yet tall) bookcases can work too!

Photo by Corynne PlessDiscover family room design inspiration

storage room divider shelf

4. Install Divider Screens

A space-saving solution to dividing a studio is a narrow, installed divider or built-in screen. These help to break up a room without completely blocking sightlines to the other areas. ‘See-through’ dividers work best! They provide adequate separation without that ‘boxed in’ feeling.

installed divider for dividing a studio apartment

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5. Hang Curtains

Curtains are a popular way to create “walls” in a studio. They’re easy to install, goes well with any decor, and can bring a light and airy feel to the room or a dramatic effect with a bold color. Curtains also naturally absorb sound, reducing any echo sound in the room.

curtains used to divide a studio apartment

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draw curtain room divider

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How To Get The Look:

  1. Add a ceiling track (Amazon) or install ceiling curtain rod brackets, add a rod, and hang your favorite curtain.
  2. For a simpler, no-drill option, try these adhesive ceiling hooks from Amazon. Then add a light-weight curtain rod (or string) and a stylish curtain.
  3. For smaller areas, try using tension rods. Be sure to measure your space before purchasing these items.

6. Use Your Sofa.

If your goal is to separate your bedroom from your living room, try positioning your sofa at the foot of your bed. This is probably the easiest way to divide a studio apartment. The sofa will create an invisible ‘line’ between where your bedroom ends and where your living room begins.

sofa at the foot of bed divides a studio apartment

If you’re looking for a new apartment sized sofa, these Leggy‘ Sofa Finds are perfect for small spaces! I also rounded up 5 Super Stylish Sleeper Sectionals for Small Living Rooms!

7. Folding Screen

Create a room within a room and extra privacy with a stylish folding screen dividerThey’re not only space-saving, but they can add beautiful charm to your decor. Divider screens are easy to move around, so you can place it anywhere you need a little separation or privacy.

folding screen room dividers

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There you have it! 7 Ways To Divide A Studio Apartment. I hope you able to find some inspiration. Happy decorating!

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