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This Small, Stunning Ukrainian Apartment Will Make You Swoon

studio apartment living room design ideas

Measuring no more than a modest 40 square meters in area, this beautiful smallĀ  Ukrainian apartment was perfectly conceptualized and executed. Designers drew a smart and well laid out living quarters for a young family in the Ukrainian city of Lviv; transforming this space into a stunning work of art. This small apartment design is pure inspiration!

The apartment combines subtle pops of color. It features modern pendant light fixtures, beautiful wood accents and functional Mid-Century Mod furniture to arrive at a distinct spatial signature. And I am HERE for it!

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small apartment living room and work-space design


small apartment kitchen design ideas


purple small stuio apartment kitchenette


small apartment bedroom design ideas studio


small apartment bathroom design ideas


studio apartment bathroom designs


beautiful gray pattern bathroom tile for small bathrooms


small bathroom storage and design ideas


All Images From Behance/Roma Verbishchuk

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