transforming console to dining table

AMAZING Space Saving Table Transforms From Console to Twelve Seat Dining Table

Talk about transforming furniture. This Space-Saving Extendable Table from MniMax Decor transforms from a console to a whopping twelve seat dining table. You get 4 different table sizes in between. That’s 6 different tables in one!

Go from a console, to work/study desk to a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 seat dining table in seconds. Then back to a console when not in use. I mean, what more can we ask for?!

white transforming table
white transforming console to dining table
white extendable console to 12 seat dining table

Let’s Talk Size

The table is 37.4 inches wide and 29.5 inches high. The length changes depending on the number of leaves (table surfaces) you add to it. Each leaf is 20.2 inches.

0 leaves: 17.6 inches: It can be used as a small desk or console table
1 leaf: 37.8 inches: Seats 4
2 leaves: 58 inches: seats 6
3 leaves: 78.2 inches Seats 8
4 leaves: 98.4 inches: Seats 10
5 leaves: 118.6 inches: Seats 12

The stunning geometric shape is equipped with five additional leaves for maximum versatility and adjustable leg slides for extra support. Each piece is made from sturdy medium-density fiberboard wood and is available in different colors; ranging from black wood with wooden veneer to sienna wood-wrapping. To prevent scratching, five canvas bags to store the leaves are included with your purchase.

How Does it Work?

Just slide the table out to the size you want. Add The corresponding leaves, and you’re done!

white transforming table
extendable table uses sleeves to enlargen
12 seat dining table transforms to console

This space-saving extendable table is such a treat and a true Godsend for small-space-dwellers. because even though we live in a tiny space, we’re still able to enjoy the lifestyle and functionality or a bigger home or apartment.

With this table, you can create a work-space AND entertain friends or family without the crowding. Now you can throw dinner parties without having to worry about tablespace or without being forced to cut on your guest lists. Win-Win! Get It HERE

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white extendable table for small spaces

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