makeshift closet for small bedrooms with no closet

Makeshift Closet Essentials For Small Bedrooms

Small, closet-less bedrooms really make you question humanity (and architects). As though you don’t have enough problems in your tiny apartment. A lack of storage space in a place that matters the most, can be frustrating.

Luckily, with the right essentials and your own personal style, you can create a stylish and functional closet that fits perfectly in your small bedroom. I rounded up these makeshift closet essentials to help get you started.

There are a few things to consider before diving in:

  • Know how much storage you actually need. Do you have more hanging or folding clothing items? Would you need two clothing racks instead of one? What does your shoe collection look like? Massive or minuscule?
  • Do you have floor space for free-standing storage or do you need wall mounted shelves and racks instead?

For Ideas On How To Style & Arrange A Makeshift Closet, Check out these 23 Inspiring Makeshift Closets For Small Bedrooms!

Makeshift Closets For Small, Closet-Less Bedrooms.

Here’s a list of makeshift closet essentials for small bedrooms. I’ve created 3 styles: Ideas for Minimalists, Scandinavian decor lovers, and a Luxe, gold and white Glam look.

Makeshift Closet Essentials For Minimalists

Sometimes the bare minimum is all you need to create a functional closet in your tiny room. Keep things simple with just the essentials.

minimalist makeshift closet essentials for small bedrooms

Classics 3-Tier Iron Mesh Utility Shoe Rack – On Amazon.

White Clothing Garment Rack with Bottom Shelf On Amazon

Black Free Standing Full Length Mirror – On Amazon

 White 3-Drawer Dresser – On Amazon

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Scandinavian Makeshift Closet

scandinavian makeshift closet furniture

Create stunning Scandinavian interior design for your makeshift closet. Use natural, wood and white furniture to create simple elegance that’s both pretty and functional.

Shop These Items Here:

3 Tier, 12 Pair Wood Shoe Rack $15.50 On Wayfair.

Alternative 4-Tier Wood Shoe Shelf Here On Amazon

Dillon 39.8″ W Garment Rack- $89.99 On Wayfiar. Or Get It Here On Amazon

Full-Length Floor Mirror with Standing. Get Updated Price On Amazon

Small white and wooden makeup vanity table set. See Price On Here On Amazon

Life Is Beautiful Custom floral Poster

Life Is Beautiful Custom Poster $11.50 On Zazzle

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Affordable, Glam Closet Essentials

When ‘Luxe’ is your middle name but you’ve got shallow pockets, fake it till you make it. This gold and white makeshift closet essentials will give you the luxurious look you crave without breaking the bank.

gold and white makeshift closet for small bedrooms with no closet

Shop These Items From Amazon, Walmart & Wayfair

Gold & White Vanity/Desk (A Great Double Duty Piece) – See Price Here On Amazon

gold and white vanity chair

Gold & White Vanity/ Desk Chair Wallmart

Gold & White Floating Shelves – See Price Here On Amazon

Gold Round Mirror See Price On Amazon

Gold Garment RackSee Price On Amazon

White 6-Drawer Dresser – On Amazon

Some Alternatives & Extras

For More Makeshift Closet Ideas:

23 makeshift closet ideas for small bedrooms with no closet


makeshift closet essentials for small bedrooms

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