8 Storage Solutions For Your Tiny Kitchen

Kitchen storage can be tricky when you’re dealing with tiny kitchens. But the solutions and options are plentiful. You can never have too many storage ideas for small kitchens. With a little imagination and some nifty products, you’ll be on your way to a clutter-free kitchen in no time. For more small kitchen ideas, these cool kitchen finds that will save you a ton of space.

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1. Over-The-Sink Shelf

You can use these to store dish soap, kitchen towels, and sponges, thereby freeing up your counter space. This way your counters can be used for more important things like preparing food.

slim over-the-sink kitchen shelf

Over The Sink Organizer From Amazon

storage idea for small kitchens expandable shelving unit

Adjustable Shelf – Amazon

Over-the-sink shelves are great for storing your soaps and sponges and more. This adjustable kitchen shelf from Amazon also adds extra storage for clean dishes. If you’re looking for a place to store or drain your dishes without using vital counter space, then you need an over-the-sink dish drying rack instead (Amazon). A multipurpose drying rack is great for drying dishes, fruits, vegetables, and fits nicely over your sink. When you’re done using it, just store it away.

2. Use Wall Space To Hang Items Vertically

Try using metal bars and hooks to store pots and pans vertically. A  tip is great for renters, stick some heavy-duty adhesive Command Hooks on a free wall, and use these to hang pots, colanders, and other bulky kitchen items.

pots and pans vertical kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens

3. Store Dishes & Spices On The Wall Too

Mountable dish racks are a great way to save counter space. Using that wall space between your cabinets and counter will make all the difference. I found this black wall mounted dish drainer rack that’s pretty cheap on Amazon!

Wall-Mounted dish drainer rack

Get It Here On Amazon

4.Utilize Cabinet Doors

An over-cabinet hanging basket is perfect for storing cutting boards, cookbooks, trays or cleaning products. Just hang on your cabinet door and you’ve got extra (hidden) storage. Talk about using EVERY inch of your tiny kitchen.

cabinet door storage ideas to save space in kitchen

If you want something a little more customizable, you can totally DIY this. Kelly from Imperfect Home Making shows you how to create a hanging cabinet pocket storage organizer using a plastic shoe organizer like the one below. See how quick and easy she does it HereUse this for storing cleaning supplies or tools under your kitchen sink.

kitchen storage inside cabinet door

5. Pegboard Kitchen Storage

Take a tip from Julia Child’s iconic kitchen and add a pegboard to your kitchen. You can designate an entire wall or just a portion to create more storage space. Hand shelves, pots, and other kitchen utensils. You can even use pegboards to create a kitchen herb garden. These kitchen pegboard storage ideas will help you get started.

multicolored Gray and white kitchen pegboard

Pegboard Combination On Amazon

6. Magnetic Spice Containers

If you cook often, chances are you have a lot of spices and seasoning in your cabinets (more than just salt and black pepper…I hope). Save your cabinet space with magnetic spice containers that you can stick on the side of your refrigerator.

magnetic spice rack for fridge

Are you beginning to see a trend here? It’s all about utilizing that vertical space. Vertical space is GOLDEN in small kitchens. 

If you have a lot more spices (too much to remember) try these magnetic spice tins with premade labels from Amazon to keep track of all those yummy seasonings.

Don’t want to store them on your fridge? Get a wall-mounted metal base instead. For a more aesthetically pleasing look, check out these Hexagon shaped magnetic jars with labels for displaying your spice collection. Using the metal base means you can store your seasonings anywhere you need them.

magnetic spice rack on wall

This chalkboard spice wall adds a neat, stylish, and modern look to this space. Using Magnetic & Chalkboard Paint, you can hang basically any metal storage or decorative item on this magnetic wall. Write labels or add drawings with chalk for an artistic finish.

7. Rolling Storage Carts.

This is one of the more popular storage ideas for small kitchens. If you have enough space, a kitchen cart or rolling island works great for creating extra surface and storage space. A Trolly/Storage Cart with a solid surface top can be used for meal prepping, storing utensils, storing your microwave or other bulky appliances, thereby freeing up what little counter and cabinet space you may have.

portable kitchen cart with storage

Image: Build Something

Get one with wheels so you can move it to any part of the house, whenever you need a little extra storage. I Found a small wooden rolling kitchen cart for a great price on Amazon. It looks great and it won’t take up too much space. I even see this working well in the bathroom!

8. Don’t Forget The Bare Sides Of Your Cabinets.

This is a great example of using every inch of space. For renters, of course, removable hooks work just as well here. Hang miscellaneous items, kitchen towels or regularly used items on the side of your cabinets to free up space in draws. Check out Far Above Rubies for more.

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