kitchen pegboard storage for small kitchens

Pinterest’s Most Stylish Kitchen Pegboard Ideas

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julia child's kitchen pegboard

IMAGE: Tasting Table

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Years after seeing the movie ‘Julie & Julia ‘, I’m still a huge fan of Julia Child’s kitchen pegboard.  Pegboards were mostly used for storing tools in the garage, but have since moved into kitchens, home offices, and craft rooms. They’re great for extra storage, but they’re also a beautiful canvas for creating stunning home decor.

Kitchen pegboards are great for storing pots and pans, kitchen utensils and more. Use it as a spice rack or mini pantry, or hang some pretty planters to create the perfect kitchen herb garden

 If you’ve ever thought of using pegboards in your small kitchen but not sure how to style them, then keep scrolling. I’ve rounded up some of Pinterest’s most stylish kitchen pegboard ideas that you can copy today!

Kitchen Pegboard Ideas For Small Kitchens.

Let Your Bold Kitchen Utensils Shine

white pegboard ideas for small kitchen


Hang Straw Baskets on Kitchen Pegboards

basket shelves on kitchen pegboard

Pretty Pastels, Minimalist Kitchen Pegboard

pastel colored kitchen pegboard design

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Try Multicolored Pegboards From Amazon

multicolored Gray and white kitchen pegboard


small space solutions from amazon

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Pegboard

light wood kitchen pegboard
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Add A Pegboard Over A Kitchen Storage Table

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Ikea Pegboard Combination

ikea wooden kitchen pegboard combination

$39.98 At IKEA

Paint Pegboards To Match Your Decor

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Create A Pegboard Kitchen Backsplash

Add Pegboards To Your Kitchen Island

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Not Just For Walls. Try A Pegboard  Kitchen Drawer Organizer

pegboard kitchen drawer organizer

Get a set of two kitchen drawer pegboards here on Amazon

Ceiling To Floor Pegboard Wall

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Paint Shelves To Create Beautiful Contrasts

Create An Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

Pegboard Garden

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Live Your Extra Life! Cover Your Entire Kitchen With Pegboards.

8 Ways To Use Your Kitchen Pegboard (Courtesy The Kitchn)

Pegboards are so versatile that you really can’t mess this up. Do what feels right to you. Rearrange items till you find the perfect look. What’s cool about these storage gems is that you can totally DIY them. Make them as large as your space will allow and depending on the material, paint them in the color of your choice; one that compliments your kitchen decor. Maximize your kitchen storage, spruce up your decor and have fun decorating!

small space solutions from amazon

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kitchen pegboard storage ideas for small kitchens
Kitchen Pegboard Ideas Pinterest
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