Shower hack for small bathrooms

10 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Bathroom

The Internet is never short on storage ideas for small bathrooms. There are so many easy DIYs and creative hacks for bathroom storage that it’s worth trying a few to help maximize your space. It’s certainly reassuring to know that small space dwellers have great options for making the best of their tiny bathrooms. All you need is time and imagination.  Here are a few favorites.

Hidden  Storage

hidden shelves behind mirror small bathroom storage ideas
 Sneaky, storage is always fun. This bathroom mirror comes with hidden slide-out shelves for all your bathroom essentials.

Floating Shelves

white floating shelf storage over small bathroom sink
One of the more popular storage ideas for small bathrooms is adding shelves. These floating shelves are a great way to save space on countertops. This is a great option for bathrooms without counters or storage.

Curtain Rod Inside Shower

storage ideas for inside the shower small bathrooms
Add a second shower rod near the wall in your shower, throw on some  S-hooks and you have a perfect place to store shower caddies and loofahs out of the way.
shower rod small bathroom storage ideas
Perfect for storing bath-time toys and towels too!

Hang Shower Items On Shower Curtain

Shower storage hacks for small bathrooms
This is a cool hack for these tube products. We all have them. Attaching these to your shower rod puts the products right at your fingertips when you need them.

Wall Mounted Basket Shelves

storage basket ideas for small bathrooms
Perfect for storing toilet paper, towels, soaps, etc. all within reach. There are so many options for decorative baskets and simple heavy duty command hooks will work for renters. These baskets are great for storage but they also add a decorative element to the space. Bonus!

Drawer Organizer With Power Outlet

storage drawer for curling irons and hair dryer small bathroom
This custom storage draw keeps hairdryers, straighteners and their cords are hidden away when they’re not in use. The built-in extension cord is a great feature for persons sharing a bathroom.  When you’re done just store dryer away and close the draw. No unsightly dangling cords and now you have more counter space for other bathroom items.

Multiple Toilet Paper Holder

DIY toilet paper holder small bathroom storage ideas
No more yelling out “I need toilet paper!” This DIY puts extra ‘TP’ right where you need it.

Slim Storage Cabinet

slim storage cabinet for toilet storage ideas small bathroom
Great for storing toilet paper, tampons, cleaning supplies, you name it. Perfect for tiny bathrooms these narrow cabinets offer extra storage without sacrificing space.


Cabinet Door Storage

acrylic floating shelf storage for small bathrooms
These stick-on pods hold tiny things like nail polish, eyeliner, nail clippers and more. A perfect example of using every inch of space in your tiny bathroom.

The Matte Makeup Counter


No more balancing eye pencils on the side of your sink or getting makeup in your drains. Turn your tiny bathroom sink into a spacious makeup counter with The Matte. This foldable, durable Matte offers a clean, sanitary surface for all your makeup brushes and beauty blenders. The grooves on the Matte prevent your make from rolling around and actually helps to keep things organized. It’s travel-friendly too. When folded, it’s about the size of an iPad. Learn more about this cool small space product HERE

The Matte over the sink makeup organizer for small bathrooms


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