These Small Kitchen Solutions Will Save You A Ton Of Space.

I love discovering awesome products on the web and curating them just for you. This week I’m sharing some cool kitchen products that will help you save a ton of space in your small kitchen. Here are 10 space-saving kitchen solutions for small spaces!

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10 Space Saving Kitchen Solutions for Small Spaces!

1. Wall-Mounted Mug Rack

This wall-mounted mug rack can be used to store anything that requires a hook. Utensils, small cookware, over holders, and more. You can even style them with your favorite accessories. When working with small kitchens, always try to utilize wall storage, so you won’t have to sacrifice counter space!

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2. Slim Slide Out Pantry Storage Rack For Narrow Spaces.

This 5-Tier Slim Storage cart can be used in the kitchen or bathroom to maximize storage space. It’s sturdy and fits neatly in between your refrigerator and counter.

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3. Vacuum Food Sealer

Save space in your freezer and preserve frozen foods all at the same time with the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer. You can finally ditch the bulky containers and say goodbye to freezer-burned food for good!

space saving kitchen products food vacuum sealer


4. Slim Tiered Utility Cart

This 5 Tiered Storage Cart allows you to add more storage to your kitchen without sacrificing space. A multipurpose piece, use it anywhere in the home for maximum storage. You gotta love the power of vertical space!

space saving 5 tier rolling kitchen storage cart

Also Available in White .

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5. Adjustable, Over Sink Dish Drying Rack With Storage!

This 2 Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack comes packed with extra storage for all your dishes and utensils. It’s sturdy and built to last with high-grade stainless steel. The top shelf makes this item both space-saving & space-making! Use the upper shelf to store other kitchen items you use daily. It’s sturdy, expandable, so you can adjust it to fit your sink, but be sure to measure your sink area before purchasing.

space saving 2 shelf over-the-sink dish drainer rack

Also Available In Black

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6. Airtight, Stackable Food Storage Containers

Organize your pantry the right way with this 24-piece BPA Free Food Container Set. They’re stackable and will save you a lot of space in your pantry or kitchen cabinet. The airtight lids are ideal for keeping cereal, flour & snacks fresh. This set also comes with labels so you can customize and organize to suit your needs!

Airtight, Stackable space saving  Food Containers

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7. Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart

Add extra counter space and storage with this mobile kitchen island cart. A great multipurpose piece. Use in the bathroom, or as a bar cart for entertaining.

Origami foldable kitchen island storage cart

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8. Magnetic Storage Shelf & Organizer

Don’t let the side of your fridge go unused. Add this magnetic shelf & organizer for extra storage space right where you need it.

magnetic storage shelf for kitchen

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9. 5-Tier Kitchen Corner Pot Rack

A multi-purpose shelf that fits neatly into that awkward corner in your kitchen. Store pots, plates, food items, etc on this 5 shelf rack if you want to clear your cabinets and countertops.

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10. Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack

Get cleaver with this adjustable wooden hanging wine glass holder.  Store your wine glasses under your cabinets to save space and to keep them safe.

under cabinet hanging wine glass storage rack

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