christmas tree alternatives for small spaces

17 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Small Spaces.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of these alternative Christmas tree ideas online lately and I thought, these would be perfect for small spaces! So naturally, I rounded them up into this list of 17 Christmas tree alternatives for small spaces.

If you’ve recently downsized to a smaller home or apartment, you’re probably looking for ways to avoid that cluttered look when decorating for the holidays. You’re probably also looking for ways to save some money (it’s been a rough year).

So why not take a pass on the bulky, space-hogging pine tree this year, and opt for a space-saving and unique alternative instead.

These ‘trees’ will seriously make you rethink the traditional Christmas tree. Plus, you can totally DIY them!

17 Christmas Tree Alternatives For Small Spaces!

Dowel Christmas Tree

dowel alternative christmas tree for small spaces

Jelanie Shop.

It’s pretty hard to ignore this simple, minimalistic, and stylish dowel Christmas tree. It’s sleek, straightforward, and pretty. You can really have fun with this one.

Wall Art Christmas Tree

wall collage alternative christmas tree


Wall Collage Christmas Tree

photo wall alternative christmas tree for small spaces

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Drift Wood Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

drift wood alternative christmas tree for small spaces

Crafts By Amanda

String Light Christmas Tree

string lights christmas tree for small spaces


You can’t get more budget-friendly than this. Who knew string lights in the shape of a tree and nothing else could look this pretty? 

Floating Shelf Christmas Tree

floating shelf alternative christmas tree for small spaces


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Modern LED Christmas Tree Lamp

LED Modern Christmas Tree

Ebay Italy

Scandinavian Wooden Christmas Tree

scandinavian wood christmas tree


Corner Christmas Tree With Lights

string lights alternative christmas tree


Drift Wood Wall Christmas Tree

driftwood wall christmas tree

Brocante Ma Jolie

Framed Christmas Tree

large framed wall christmas tree


Canvas Christmas Tree

christmas tree canvas

Cuckoo 4 Design

Polaroid Photo Christmas Tree

polaroid photo wall christmas tree


The Christmas Tree For Booklovers

book christmas tree


Hanging Ornament Tree

hanging alternative christmas tree

Not Martha

Pine Tree Branch Christmas Tree

christmas tree alternatives for small spaces.

The Whimsical Wife

When you don’t need the whole tree. Just the branches!

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PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

alternative pvc pipe christmas tree


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