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Home Refresh: Update Your Decor With These Swappable Accents!

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A new season is here and it’s time for a home refresh! You know how you swap out certain clothing items at the start of every season? Why not do the same with your decor? Updating your decor can be as simple as replacing a few items here and there. It’s an easy and affordable way to refresh your space every season.

If you’re ready to add new life to your space this season then stick around! I’ve rounded up some swappable decor accents for you to try. There’s something for every style and every budget!

Decor Accents You Can Easily Swap In This Season!


Throw pillows are the easiest decor accessory to switch out. They’re great for sprucing up a drab living room or adding a little color to your bedroom decor.

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Wall Art

Wall art is another quick and creative way to breathe new life to your space. You don’t have to overhaul your entire wall gallery, but swapping out a few pieces will give it a fresh look.

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Pretty Storage

Storage is essential, no matter what size home you live in. If you’re storing things in plain sight, then unique or decorative storage is the way to go. These finds offer double-duty functionality. They’re both practical and pretty!

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Area Rugs

Rugs are a big statement piece for any room. Switching them out will certainly spruce your space, with little effort. If you’re on a budget, runner rugs/slate rugs are an affordable way to incorporate a fun element without the hefty price tag!

Shop these Stain-resistant, Water-resistant & Machine Washable rugs from Ruggable! They have a large variety of sizes and orientation (circle rugs, slate/runners, etc) within each design. So you’ve got a ton of options to find the right piece for your space!

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