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7 Ways To Carve Out A Workspace In Your Small Home

With small spaces, all things are possible! Okay, maybe not ALL things. But carving out a home office in your small home definitely is! If you work from home or you’re a student at college, having a place to work or study at home is important. If you live in a small home or apartment, creating that place can be a challenge. Thankfully there are ways to squeeze in a workspace in your small living space.

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7 Ways To Create An Office In A Small Space.

1. Use The Dead End Of Your Hallway

That wall at the end of your hallway is under-utilized. Place a small desk or install one of these floating desks from amazon (I love these!) to create a work area. take it a step further by hanging a few shelves and you’ve got a functional workspace that doesn’t interrupt the rest of your home.

office space at the end of a hallway


end of hallway office space


2. Create A ‘Cloffice’

home office inside closet - cloffice


You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram. The office in a closet aka “Cloffice”, is a popular DIY among small space dwellers. If you can spare the space, use your closet (or part of it) as a cozy office nook.

office in a closet cloffice


cloffice office in a small space


3. Behind Your Sofa

Creating a home office in a small space can be as simple as moving furniture around. Push your desk up against the back of your sofa in your living room, add your office chair and you have a functional workspace without occupying too much extra space. Your makeshift office will blend nicely with the rest of the living room. This option is perfect for small studio apartments and other open-concept layouts.

create an office in a small space



small desks for small spaces
Sofa table in living room to create a home office in a small space


desk in living room to create a home office in a small space


4. Install A Folding, Wall Mounded Desks

Create a home office in a small space with these fold-up desks to maximize space (found some here on Amazon) If you just need a place to write or for your laptop, then a simple wall-mounted folding desk is the perfect and most affordable option. Easily fold it down when you need to work and fold it up when you need extra space. If you want to keep things simple then this is a great choice.

white wall desk
fold up wall-mounted desk for small spaces
fold up desk used for creating a home office in a small space


5. Add A Corner Desk

Empty corners can be converted into an office space with the right desk. Create a small corner office at home with a compact, space-saving corner desk. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so finding one that fits your style shouldn’t be hard. Add some corner shelves and you’ve got yourself a cozy office nook.

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corner shelves and corner desk create a home office in small spaces

Style By Emily Henderson

6. Use A Multi-functional Nightstand Desk

Double-duty furniture is Golden when dealing with small spaces. Use a small table or desk next to your bed to create a work desk/nightstand. That’s one less piece of furniture you need to buy, plus you gain extra space to work.

small desk double as a nightstand
desk used as a nightstand

7. Go For A Ladder / Leaning Desk

The ever-popular ladder desk has been on-trend for small spaces for a while now. And for good reason too. These desks occupy very little space while creating lots of storage for all your office and study essentials. Best of all, they come in a large variety of styles, colors, and materials.

wooden ladder desk for small spaces

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white and wood ladder desk for small spaces

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create a home office in a small space