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Charming 500 Sq Ft, New York Studio Apartment is BIG on Style & Function!

Cheban Interiors really shows you how to make 500 sq ft work. This tiny, charming 500 sq ft studio apartment has BIG style with its grey, blush and gold palette that brings this space to LIFE!

The Challenge

A fashionista downsizes for a better location without sacrificing style and function. Downsizing from a one-bedroom apartment to a studio in a more desirable building and neighborhood meant this New Jersey renter would lose storage and a wall between her bedroom and living areas. She turned to interior designer Marina Cheban, who found ways to accommodate her client’s extensive wardrobe while keeping the space stylish. Take a look!

Charming 500 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Decor


Photo By Cheban Interiors via Houzz

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The Execution

500 sq ft studio apartment living room decor

One challenge was to find room for the client’s clothes and shoes. Her previous apartment had a walk-in closet, and in a place before that, the client had a spare bedroom to turn into a closet.

One solution was a new bed with a mattress on a frame that lifts up to provide storage underneath. This offered a place to store off-season clothes. Cheban customized one of the existing closets so that it could store the client’s tops and bottoms, while a new wardrobe holds her dresses.


Then came where to put the shoes and bags. According to Cheban, while they had the wall space horizontally, the room lacked depth. Therefore another wardrobe would have projected too far into the room, making the space feel cramped and disrupting circulation.

shoe storage cabinet in small studio apartment

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Instead, Cheban found these customizable bookcase “Who knew women’s shoes are the same depth as books?” she says. The units are shallow, so they don’t jut out too far into the apartment, and the shelves can be adjusted to any height. Glass-front doors open up the space while showcasing the collection.

The cabinets are mounted to the wall so that they won’t topple. “It makes it look more spacious,” Cheban says of the cabinets in the studio. “Every single one of my girlfriends now has this system.”

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The client wanted the space to still feel like a cozy home and to have separate spaces to not feel as though she was sleeping in the kitchen.

500 square feet studio apartment decor

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To address this concern, Cheban designed the sleeping area to be as far away from the kitchen as possible — carving out a living room in the middle of the space. The sofa was the largest piece, so it was situated first with everything else revolving around the sofa fitting. The sofa and credenza interrupt the space, making the sleeping area and eating area feel more distinct.

white console table for small studio apartment

Photo by Cheban Interiors

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Cheban accessorized with blush-pink curtains and hot-pink design details. “Since this may be her last ‘single’ home, she wanted it to be really girly and dainty,” Cheban says. Inexpensive throw pillows dress up the neutral sofa, and some of the more expensive items, like a Jonathan Adler lamp and Kartell bar stools, can be brought to another space.

table decor accents in studio apartment

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Other pieces in the apartment balance style with function, including the desk area behind the couch. “She loves handwritten notes, and she had all these really cute cards, so I purchased a shadow box at West Elm to display it all. In a home this small, you have no choice but to display your things. By putting everything in a pretty storage solution, it makes it part of the decor,” Cheban says.

bar tray table accessory

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table accents in small studio apartment
kitchen decor in 500 sq ft studio apartment

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Her goal for this studio was to make sure the apartment didn’t feel overly cluttered or packed with furniture.

“There had to be roadways in between all the furniture, so it wouldn’t look like a storage unit,” Cheban says. “By using clean lines and simple design, nothing overstuffed, it brings great balance to the room,” she says. She adds that she uses acrylics wherever she can. Since it’s clear, it doesn’t break up the space. Extra-large mirrors are added as a finishing touch to open up the room.

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