Small & Stylish Entryway Ideas For Apartments

Even the smallest of apartments could use a stylish entryway. Having a catch-all for your keys, handbag, or scarves is a sure way to avoid unnecessary clutter. If you’re looking to create a small entryway or spruce up your existing entryway you’re going to need some inspiration. I rounded up the most stylish entryway ideas for small apartments. You’re going to love these!

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Stylish Entryway Ideas For Small Apartments!

Boho Entryway Decor

small boho entry way ideas

The Spruce

This entryway is bright, warm, and features beautiful natural elements with the leather strap rack, a rattan chair, and lush plants. The statement rug adds a nice pop of color and a point of interest to the space.

Classic Black & White Accent Entryway

black and white small entryway decor

Apartment Therapy

This effortlessly chic entryway is sophisticated elegance at its best. If you don’t already know, striped walls do wonders for small spaces. They have the power to visually widen and elongate a room. Making them the perfect choice for small entryway accent walls!

Storage Packed Entryway With Accent Wall

small apartment entruway ideas

Apartment Therapy

This entryway is not only visually appealing, but it also provides ample storage with a floating storage cabinet and basket storage below. The fun and striking wallpaper and artwork make this entryway both stylish and practical.

Black & White Modern Glam Entryway

black and white small apartment entryway

The Spruce

If modern glam is what you’re going for then draw inspiration from this gem right here. This tiny entryway is feminine chic! The narrow console table adds hidden storage without sacrificing too much floor space. The geometric mirror blends beautifully with the wallpaper pattern to make this a modern and classic space.

slim console table for small hallway entryway

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Natural Entryway With Hidden Storage

This natural apartment entryway made good use of Ikea’s Trones by adding a wooden plank on top of the floating storage bins for a beautiful natural look. This hack created a stylish versatile shoe storage solution for small entryways.

A Plant Filled Entryway

small apartment entryway decor with plants

Plants and earth tones are all the rave in decor these days and are expected to stick around for a while. This entryway is warm and inviting –a nice way to be welcomed home after a long day. The woven storage baskets make this space functional as well as beautiful.

If you’re looking for easy apartment-friendly plants, Bloomscape has a beautiful selection of decorative and pet-friendly plants for beginners. As well as a ton of helpful resources to help you care for them.

For Easy, Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants check out this roundup!

Modern Rustic Entryway

rustic, industrial apartment entryway decor


This entryway is a beautiful mix of modern and rustic charm, with its eye-catching accent wall, ancient candlesticks, and modern, industrial console table.

industrial rustic entryway decor

Shop The Look!

I scoured the internet to find similar pieces to recreate this look. See these items HERE!

Warm Toned, Boho Entryway Decor

boho small apartment entryway

GET THE LOOK! Console Table (from Amazon) / Mirror (from Overstock) / Pendant Light (from Overstock)

Warm-up your white walls with wooden furniture and natural decor elements. This entryway is bright, airy, and inviting.

Use That Awkward Space Wisely

Photo: Lynden Foss. Source: Homes To Love

Mount a few shelves in those awkward spaces near your entry to create a stylish entryway. Add a floor basket for shoe storage.

Mordern Entryway With Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage

Photo via Pinterest – Source: @marta_kop_home

This small entryway is sophisticated minimalism at best. Here’s another example of Ikea’s Trones for beautiful hidden storage. Floating storage is a smart move when working with smaller spaces. It eliminates visual clutter creates a sleek and modern look.

Small Contemporary/Rustic Entryway

Image via Pinterest: Source: Couch Style

A beautiful mix of rustic and contemporary style. This small entryway is bright, airy, and stylish.

Farmhouse Styled Entryway

small farmhouse entryway

House & Hens

Farmhouse decor is still very much a thing and doesn’t seem to be losing traction anytime soon. This entryway has all the essentials for a fully functioning entryway. A modern bench where you can sit and slip your shoes on and off and a charming basket to store those shoes. Adding a small entryway storage bench will help you keep things organized and clutter-free.

Practical & Stylish Entryway

entryway mirror with storage

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Multi-purpose furniture is pure gold in small spaces. They are a wonderful investment piece. Use them whenever and wherever you can! This tiny entryway offers that need storage and style in just one piece of furniture! You can even style it with your favorite accessories.

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Warm Earthy, Boho Entryway

neutral apartment entryway decor


GET THE LOOK! – Mirror / Wall Baskets / Wall Art / Floating Shelf

Another earthy entryway to inspire. This airy space is giving off major boho vibes. The warm earth tones and natural details against the stark white walls create a striking yet simple design. Such an inviting space!

Gallery Wall, Minimalist Entryway

Source: @thefontaineflat via Pinterest

Wall art can have a huge impact on a simple space. This small entryway features a minimal gallery wall for a simple yet chic design.

Small Apartment Entryway With Storage

Image Via Pinterest – Source: 600Sqft & A Baby

This small apartment entryway is packed with storage solutions. A narrow shoe cabinet, shelves, and hooks for bags, scarves, and hats. The over-the-door hooks for the stroller are so smart! This entryway is both stylish and functional.

Wallpaper To The Rescue!

Via Pinterest – Source: Harbor & Pine

Beautiful wallpaper adds life to any space. Freshen up your entryway with wallpaper for a new look.

Small Entryway With Storage Bench

A small entryway storage bench will provide seating and keep things organized. Such a modern and cozy space!

Rustic Entryway Design

Image via Pinterest – Source Domino

Classic Black & White Accent Entryway

black and white small entryway decor

Apartment Therapy

This effortlessly chic entryway is sophisticated elegance at its best. If you don’t already know, striped walls do wonders for small spaces. They have the power to visually widen and elongate a room. Making them the perfect choice for small entryway accent walls!

Modern Industrial Entryway Decor

There you have it!

Gorgeous Entryway Ideas For Small Apartments. I hope you were inspired by these ideas. They’re all so easy to recreate.

My only tip…

Consider your entryway needs before you start shopping or moving things around; How much storage do you need? Would storage baskets suffice? Or a storage bench? What decorative pieces do you want to include? Plants? Artwork? Do you need a small wall mirror or a beautiful oversized leaning mirror? etc. Deciding on these early on will save you time and multiple trips to the store. Whatever you choose to create, it’s going to be beautiful. Have fun! Happy Decorating!

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